MMS Friends

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Rain.No cab. NEL

The drank man blardy PEE at the bar table. What's wrong with him man!! O_o Called the security and pulled him out.

Then there was the usual fights and all behind. As we ate our supper and had our break, we all watched the "show". Someone asked if we bought tickets for the "screening" of the fight. Haha.

Caught up with Nigel, Amanda, Marcus, Chris, Crystal and some of the regulars. Saw Ann Kok too. And squirtz!!! Thanks for the lychee martini!! Hee, really nice of you. =)) *grins* I tried watermelon martini after work and i think it doesnt taste as good. Lit up many many Lambos yesternight..couldnt aim the milk into the glass well. Think i better stick to taking orders. I can't even clear the glasses and jugs like a good waiteress. Ha!

Not to say, Mambo Night was awesome!! Except DJs play the same songs every wednesdays. Kinda borin'..but I wanna club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kanna touched again.. *curses* Not boobs and butt lar..