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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Decent Girl Go Wrong

Sun was blazing at Sentosa today. Peichin and I left with a good tann! Haha, was great chilling out with my babe!

And this reminds me of Daryl. Sigh..

My Victoria Secrets came!!! (: Let me go try em'. XS is still so frikkin big???!!! *curses* Anyone wanna buy my shorts?? Photos're below.

Met Faith at Cityhall after Sentosa. Walked around..with tons of other crazy shoppers. How to shop properly in peace? Anyways, customer service at Hong Kong Cafe (Marina Square branch) was bad. Disappointed. Manager was apologetic though..but still. Hmm.

Sleepy. Still have to consolidate E.L.F. spree orders tonight. Yawns.

Enjoy the photos (: