MMS Friends

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dolly on the Beach

Anna Sui makeover:
Why wasnt i aware that i've signed up for it?? Anyway, went for it yesterday afternoon and was over in 20mins or so. O_o Was furiously trying to wipe some of it off because leaving it too long on my skin will cause irritation. Not bad, happy with their concealing job. Haha. Esp those nasty zits and terrible beyond hell eyebags. He's good! Friendly too (:

Class 4D - Faith, Peichin & Jenalyn:
Caught up with the beautiful threesome. Since last July!! *gasps* Walked around in town trying to find Peichin's watch-gift, settled on a Fossil one when town was abt to sleep. Haha. Jenalyn can be quite a shopaholic too! I was good, didnt spend on material-wants.

Dined at Breeks, got to eat and chill, catch up mainly. Following that was the continuation of hunting for a watch-gift. Haha. Faith's Dadee sent me home. So nice.. =) how can you say no to a 13 years old friendship?? *grins* Thanks!!

Photo-whoring infront of the mirror. Haha. Check out our collection! (: