MMS Friends

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I uploaded more pictures for SOUL on friendster, activated our SOUL hotmail account. Seems like im the last to write something in our blog as well. It's so deserted. Kinda sad. But glad im meeting Liyu tonight (Zouk!!) and Melly, Dine and Liyu next thursday for dinner at town (: Hot girls get together!! Haha.

I'm sick. Very sick. Voice lost. Coughing non-stop. Throat feels ugly. Think a fever's brewing. Or came already. I'm so tired, puffy eyes cant go away.

Needa get business mgmt revision going.

Where's my E.L.F. and Purelux and Gojane and VictoriaSecrets!!


Recruit Express just called. Might end up working at Cycle and Carriage in Eunos for $6/hr. Or should i just get the $8/hr waiteressing job with Shimin? Both?? Work my arse off and keep myself occupied. Dont wanna end up wasting my holiday away.


sigh, gotta skip Zouk all because Mum found out i was ill. Damn..where's my voice!

Gotta learn to cast all my worries unto thy Lord. Actually, i've just learnt to see things from another angle. This is one thing im constantly trying to learn.

"Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can."

Shuyun(1) -> haha..what can i say O_o how're you babe?? sentosa this or next weekend??

Melly -> sucks to be ill. i'll nurse my health back. just need so much rest. perhaps i shld forgo Zouk tnight. and and, its hard to get SOUL together!! haha..whats up with being skinny?? you'll be buttless ya know? hee, take care babe. hugs.

Shuyun(2)-> hahaha..get whatever job you can till a better one comes along?? most imptly, love ya job! (:

Dine -> haha...FOUL sounds bad itself..but you're right..better then TOUL. haha..missing u all!