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Thursday, June 29, 2006

90hrs - PL moosik marathon

Was Carls Jr with Melly & Dine (again).
And yes, town (again) with em'.

Brazilian at STRIP for me and Melly. Fcuking shit. Pain like hell this time. Curses. Kinda red some more. I mean its no longer pain but that 10mins killed me. Haha. Now okie liao baby skin. You guys should try!! (:

Poor Dine. Sat there for 90mins. Haha. Was manicure afterwhich. Felt like some tai-tai. Been ages since i last did those girly stuff in the afternoon. Wonderful feeling please!!! And i love my nails! Now i've short, nice and beautiful nails to show off.

I love spending time with my girlies! Absolutely splendid! *hugs*

Footix -> Bleah..haha..the shiny blue was the lining lar! haha..some basketball pants i reckon. haha..why, jealous that he's got a sexy shorts?? haha..believe me, it aint that short! Your attention was on the wrong thing in that photo lar! Cock! =p

Amanda -> haha..finally i can tell people im SHOPPING at ps! haha.

Sheryldine -> next thurs!! *kallang wave*

Peichin -> Its always nice being around you. yup, soon!! heyhey, i dont miss u that much okie!! haha..but i know you do! =b

Jerr -> WHAT??!! O_o You go watch soccer lar. Haha.
Jerr -> why cant u stop teasing me??? *send a mad dog after jerrome* tsk!! haha.

Melly -> I love brazilian!! Muahaha..and i love you even more. Next thurs raid Dine's place. Remember!!