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Saturday, June 10, 2006


Was town and arab street with Melly on Thursday. Oh my goodness, we met many shop owners who wouldnt stop talking and selling their goods to us. Hurh..we ended waitin for each other to tell the owners politely we're leaving the damn shop! O_o

Was tiring i swear..walking from Lavender MRT to Arab street. Good news was that we found some crystals (hotfix) to iron on our plain cotton tops and I bumped into Wei Cai & Ivan! (: Pretty!! Now we know where to find the goodies. Haha. Mos Burger at Bugis totally sucked..25mins for Melly's apple pie?? Madness.

I'm gonna stay home this weekend, take pictures of all my clothes and what-nots which im not wearing/using...sell it. Damn, my closet's exploding and some is still brand new with the tag on!

And so it was cousin Eugene's wedding yesterday. Bride & groom both 20, like me. She's kinda sweet looking, pretty at some angles. Mum and sisters cannot stop gushing how the groom looks like babyboy to an extent. Oh please..not very?? Only the face shape and hairdo right?

Then i realised there're many young and pretty/handsome guys there. All my cousins're attached..bought their partners. However, we're not very close to this side of the relative. But it was good seeing so many eye-candies the 4 hours there. Haha.

The day I get married..

Angele -> haha, on 6th July we'll be rich. So, cheer up! haha.

Jerr -> well, its part of shopping! trying clothes and having fun! I wish spore import more size 0 though...cant fit into most clothes! Pftt.

Dine -> oops, its a racertank top. Might wanna sell it. Too big!!! I bought XS and its like Topshop 12 for me lar! *sob*