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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

June: $178.79

Shoppin' with Peichin today. Was really tired though, both of us. Haha, she's crazy. Watching soccer every night. And damn, Spain lost to France??? *curses*

Got the deep pink runner hot pant at TOPSHOP today. Couldn't find size 6 anywhere so ended up with an 8. Damn the sizing.

I had this weird dream 2 nights ago. Godpa's funeral was held at a MRT control station. I was mourning in bright yellow and Peichin was in some ballet attire. O_o

Finished The Ha-Ha by Dave King. Good novel, but i keep getting the incomplete feeling.

La Senza's opening another branch at Plaza Singapura!! (: And yes, Carls Jr is opened too.

Date with Dine & Melly tmr. P.S.: How untimely, for the Dine. Haha. 've i known the promotion earlier, i would've kept a h***y j****e. Ha!

I wanna get my 3rd Precious Moment 4R photo album ($16.90) and the brown Nike dunks with gold hearts ($129). Anyone's a member of Precious Moment? And this VS day dress totally blow me off my mind ($USD48.99). But their sizing is so screwed..for asians i mean.

Its a rather random post. But still is one. Bleah.