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Monday, June 05, 2006

PC roadshow 06'

And so, i survived the 4 days. Incredible!
  • Standing behind the SINGNET's booth for 12 hours daily.
  • Eating the given lunch and sandwiches. Not very fantastic. Lack of veggies.
  • Survived the terrible long queues, making me feel like im machine working non-stop.
  • Survived AAonline, AWIS and manual forms. *curses*
  • Survived the salesmen's incorrigible handwriting and laziness. Make my work harder!
  • Survived the air-con getting warmer as the crowd gets larger by the minute.

All in all, $302 dollars for 4 days was better than none at all. Experience was awesome! Roadshow i/c and team were helpful and nice to registration CSO. Not to forget Faith, Angele and Shuyun..if not for their company at the booth and mealtimes (:

Yes, i've got an aching feet and glad my holidays've just started. Bless us all. Hee. Oh, Recruit Express just called me for a $9 Starhub, one month assignment job. Considering..haha.

Melly -> yea, i saw it pretty cute! (: you wanna get it? no discount for that piece i think. i needa shop for a decent sneaker..was thinking of leftfoot. hmm...wat do u think?? heyhey, im free too, hurry call me out!! haha..are u less busy already??

Angele -> im gonna rewatch the damn show..think its rather nice. go watch 'it started with a kiss'! so sick of facing the damn computer. post roadshow syndrome! =/

CJS -> hey bestie..haha..exams starting right?? good luck!! u can make it im sure..stay positive and rest enough. haha, i dunno..i just love that song so much. another great christian song. safely for Christ sake!

Jerr -> haha...rubbish lar! Are you working or relaxing now huh?