MMS Friends

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Melly -> money's never enuff..u get my drift. why not sell since im not using them. hee.

Zihui -> oh no no..haha..they're my new pretty! (: from pureluxe..good buy!

Sheryldine -> referring to urself missy?? hee..when're we heading out again?

Faith -> thanks girlie.. -hugs-

Sheryldine -> nothing's wrong and nothing's right..thats whats killin me. haha.

CJS -> i sent you a snailmail to ur scoresby road address babe..thanks for those words..i'll pray harder! u too, all the way till the end of exams. i miss u..

Layleng -> ooh......pretty aint it..rose garden. haha, think you better pester ur friend for it..its been so long!! and oh excited to receive the ELF package! hee.

Esther -> pureluxe wont go wrong. and i think it smells nice, doesnt irritate my skin like other non-minerals makeup (: