MMS Friends

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Why do I feel this way?

My mind's in a swirl.

If i do speak, then yeah.

If i don't, i'm thinking.

So just back off??

Why dont people get it sometimes. If you're truely concerned, thank you. If not, give me some personal space??

I might not act like it, but the truth is, im feeling so damn down down down. =(

I feel like i can hardly breathe!


'Daddy' Colin opened Star Secrets at Selegie Road (Paradiz Centre) today. Congratulations. But i spent more time petting his dog and slupping coke instead. O_o Great place..anybody want facial/slimming at great (student) prices?? Trust me, its better than Bioskin. Haha.


Dadee, Mom, Emily sis and her bf is gone. Gone to Vietnam. Lil' sis & I have the entire house to ourselves. Sigh..emtpy. I hate the empty feeling..i mean on top of everything else. And Mom specifically mentioned not to open our door to strangers (tsk!) and we're not allowed to sleepover at others'. Fine, come over to my place then. Hurh.