MMS Friends

Monday, July 17, 2006

Dont fcuk with my brain

Can't figure if its lack of attention or PMS. Fcuken bad month. Overwhelmed by heaps of...err...

If not for the fact that Tirene wants to meet up with Children of Hougang, guess i'll not meet anyone (except special people) on my birthday. Yes, coming Sunday. But i guess high-tea with my close friends will be good. Sorry, if you wanna come this Sunday, please dont bother with any gifts..or belated gifts. Wont be accepted by me. Unless you got something on my wish list. Dont bring anything other than yourself. =)

At times, u just want to receive presents and hold big parties. At other times, you just want to stay home and lament about the fact that u're a year older. Hopefully wiser.

I'm totally in denial about turning 20 please.