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Sunday, July 02, 2006


The Sun's blazing. So very frikkin hot. Even the grass' turning brown!

Can imagine how stubborn my hair will be alongside with the terrible weather.

England lost. Haha.
And Brazil?
Whats happening man!

Stayed at Millenia Walk with my sisters till 3.35am. Graveyard shift. But enlated i contributed to it. =)

Baybeeboy kept me company on the handphone till 2ish. Sorry i deprived you a little of sleep and even got crazy during that time. O_o

Just went to This Fashion. Hard to imagine huh. But yes, sometimes if you're lucky, you'll find something nice as you comb through the dusty and messy store. And cheap for that matter! Unfortunately they don't've a new piece for that demin skirt i like. So, I left the place with a heavy heart. Nevermind, another branch! Haha.

Yesterday was Star Secrets at Paradiz Centre. Colin assigned June to help me with facial and gave me some products. Everything on the house! I'm a happy girl. Will be even more happy if the redness goes away. O_o

Damn, his girl-girl is so cute!! Love dogs!! And i dont hate cats that much anymore. Haha.

He owns his own lab and supplies to Bioskin. Price wise, its definitely much more affordable, you see results in just 1 treatment (no kidding!!) and you get samples! Who says that people with good complexion don't need facial? It'll be better after treatment in fact. Advertising for him..haha..normal facial is charged at $28 and other treatments like demaabrasion and acne ranges to $38. If you guys intend to try it, let me know, i'll get him to lower the price for you!! (:

Learn to control our anger and not look back on regrets. Gotta keep that i mind.

Melly -> oh..seeyou at her place at 5pm?? bring the DVDs okie!! Bring more shows. Haha. Or you rather we go out?? meetin Liyu dear for dinner on wed. Please say you'll join us?? I hope Dine's reading this and will come along! Cancel all dates! It'll be FOUL if the 4 of us can make it! Haha. Love you too dearie (: