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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fruit Juice

The nasty papaya and green apple juice from yesternight is clearing all my bowels. =/ My arse feels sore. Haha.

Thank goodness the 3 parcels from American Eagles is safe with vPOST and will be shipped over sometime soon. And most importantly, the earmarked amount on my account isnt a scarily huge figure anymore. Cheers.

Yesternight dinner date pictures with Kimmy and Pauline. Thanks for the 19th and 20th bday card and for the gift. PS: u wrote 21st!! My goodness, i dont wanna turn 20 and i got a 21st bday card already! *faints* Hee, i think i can really start singing live-band at glasshouse. The singers aint that all great.

Peeps, Marcus invited us to his 21st bday party at Pasir Ris this coming Friday. Basically the same few people: Shuming, Chris, Edward, Indran and Amy. He keeps losing his cellphone, so you can contact me if you plan on going or not going. =)

Busy week. Meeting Faith and Peichin later. Needa get gifts for people. Then tmr is Bioskin, collection of laundry and family dinner at Casaurina. Friday's Marcus' party at Pasir Ris, Saturday is kbox with Animal Farm and college classmates then Sunday's with Children of Hougang.'s leaking..hahaha.

And i wish my bestie Cheryl is here to celebrate a 'joyous' occassion with me. =/