MMS Friends

Friday, July 21, 2006

A Gem Found.

About a certain close friend:

Though i really dont like him (even before i know him officially), im really thankful having him as my friend now.

He's caring, though his words hurt sometimes.
He's irritating, we irritate each other every now and then actually. Haha.
He's never calculating and uber generous, very impressed with this quality of his.
He's genuine and speaks from his heart.
He's playful, wild, crazy, tries to be funny.
He's a friend i wouldnt wanna lose.

shops with me.
plays with me.
listens to me.
eats (alot) with me.
works out with me.
walks with me.
talks to me.
laugh with me.
gawk at people with me.

Like another close 'girlfriend' i've found. That's why we call each other woman? =)

Maybe because i have accepted all his negative qualities, i feel like he's a friend i'll treasure forever; truely a gem found. I'm appreciative and thankful.