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Monday, July 24, 2006


Our emotions're like an iceberg: we generally are aware of only a small fraction; the rest remains submerged.

There, i've said it.

SingTel 5 hours promoter job this coming Saturday at Pan Pacific with Faith. Horray!

Baybeeboy. He literally forced me to kiss him on his 18th birthday and now he's accusing me of making the 1st move. O_o bleah. i dont care. u cheated!!! Haha.

Fcuk the rashes on my face and body. Chris....!!! Your fault lar...the prawns hidden in the dimsum(s)! *rah* Okie lar, thanks for grabbing food for me. Hah.

Guy1 : c'mon dude, u always pay for girls during dates & you don't even have sex with them?!

Guy2 : I'm.. i'm...

Guy1 : Yes, you go home to masturbate instead of having sex... & u cry while masturbating, using your tears as lubricant.

HAHAHA.. if u think it's funny, go watch WAITING.
Dammit crude but really entertaining.