MMS Friends

Monday, July 17, 2006

It spells B.O.R.E.D.

2 day job assignment at United Square ended last night with Jenalyn. Baybeeboy came really late to have dinner with me (a lil' irritated), nevertheleast we had each other. And Jen had Weiqi! Haha. That funny boy, slow and deaf. Haha. Keep saying we bully him. At least you won the last game! Weiqi, thank you for the can drink. And Jen, thanks for the gift from Bangkok (:

Was boring standin there being in charge of some SingTel redemption duty. No supervision at all, our in-charge was a quirky middle age man. Haha. We played BINGO, Jen helped me clear some calculation stuff i had problems with, tictactoe, bummed around, entertained ourselves, practised our signature..and there goes 21 hours. We made it babe! (: $136 to us!