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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Moderation is Key

So much to update but the moment im logged in to Blogger, i cannot remember. O_o

Might as well share my day.

Fired the boss because work environment was unsafe and ulu. Male boss is weird too, plus im the only staff there. Wth?! I had to carry a penknife and scissor with me in case anybody tries to be funny with me. In fact, this stranger tried to chat me up today. Fuck off! Ask me for picas if you have bad imagination, i'll show you how terrible the place is. But anyway, bubye to him and the stoopid refrigeration company. PS: i hope i dont smell like a refrigerator.

Bought pepper-lunch for baybeeboy and got it courier-ed to his condo. Someone acted like a King huh, King Kong more likely. Haha. A short and sweet meeting, now im missing u. *pout*

Met Faith in town, did some window shopping and got our handphones serviced at Nokia Care. Purposely left my cards at home for the fear i might spend. Thanks for the Coffeebean and dinner treat with ur family. Most of all ur company and the car-ride home (more like u asked me to company you..haha!). Longest friend. =)

Finally made use of the voucher in exchange for the latest Hillsongs United CD/DVD, a book and a gift card for Faith. She must be so touched!! *grins*

Alright, im super tired. Glad i've got nothing on till 2.30pm on tmr. Sleep in!!