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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Questions = Answers ?

Jodi Picoult: My Sister's Keeper was good, read it 3 years back. Added Keeping Faith, Vanishing Acts, Salem Falls and The Tenth Circle to my shopping list. Running outta books to read since The Ha-Ha by Dave King.

Been anticipating, no..its been on my mind for 3 days. And it finally came. Punctual! (:

And the fish-bone problem, slight infection. Feverish. Received the bill from TTSH yesterday. The subsidised figure is still so huge??!!

The 3 orders from American Eagles totally messed up the earmarked amount in my account. Sucky. Direct shipping the next time round.

Met up for a quickie with Faith late afternoon. Half dead as usual. Didn't get to sleep enough during the facial because this little girl was making so much noise, asking the therapist what they're doing to her mummy's face. -_-lll

Work assignment this weekend at United Square with Jenalyn. All i've to do is handle some redemption duties. And on the 22th, i've a 1 day roadshow assignment with Faith! Money money money, come to me! *kaching!*

Okie, why do people scream when they get a shock? Thats another weird human reaction i cannot seem to fathom.

Anyway, Festival of Praise next month. Not Hillsong but yea, it'll still be as good. Anobody wants to go with me and Faith? Peichin, Melly, Edward, Tirene??

Amanda -> heya babe. the dress is OOS. haha. thanks babe, anyway you take care too (:

Peichin -> haha. too bad!!! u didnt want to go with us. the opportunity has passed! =p

Melly -> enjoyed yourself? hee, the soho dusted one is so expensive please. but i rather the tobacco coloured one, they're not retailing that in spore. =/