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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sleep now, Study later

Godbro is outta the hospital-dengue fever. O_o

I'm stung by some blardy insect at the neck last night. *curses* Now there's a puny hole in my neck.

Suppose to be at some roadshow training with Jen and Faith today but the entire project for the 22th has been called off. And so im jobless. Shall scoot down to Bugis and return our timesheet later.

Oh dear. Boredom. Fish & Co with Pauline and Kimmy in the evening. FISH!!!!! Dont wanna get a bone in my tonsil again.

My dearest Children of Hougang, gathering is changed to Dragon Gate Restaurant this coming Sunday at 11am-3pm. Dim Sum buffet at $15.80 a-la-carte. Try not to be late as i've reserved seats and they'll only hold the table for 15mins. Which means we've to be seated, LATEST by 1115am.

RSVP Tirene/me personally okie? Thanks!