MMS Friends

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wenta watch soccer at Faith's place with Peichin early this morning, didnt leave till 630am. By then, I was dizzy already. So needa sleep. Peichin was the ultimate commentor..haha. I mean I dont really understand soccer that well, but its fun just watching a dozen of men running after a ball. Oo....!

Mcdonalds was good. Slups. Haha. We even manage to watch a little of The Pink Panther & Spirited Away. =)

Work tmr. 5 days assignment at Tannery Road (real ulu office). Though the pay simply suck, i suppose its worth my time. Because im paid to sit around in the office when the boss is out with clients and to do simple admin work. Hopefully there's internet connection! Haha, then 8 hours will be easier to pass. Extra allowance of $200 is always good. Means i can get my Coach wristlet! (:

Amanda -> thanks babe, im alright. just afraid of fish now. haha. the dress is great..a pity its out of stock. sigh.

Peichin -> haha..dont act cute! *grins* seeya the following week!! dont miss me..haha..i wanna complete the 2 DVDs!! (: