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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


In today's Digital Life, i took a 'Geek Test' and results proved that I'm indeed a wannabe geek. Haa.

Too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Almost the end of holidays..feeling a lil' lost. 4 mods and i've only started on Marketing. Mangerial Economics and Macroeconomics will definitely make this semester a living hell. Speaking of which, accounting don't sound that all fun.

Holiday to-do list:
Pack my messy table. Checked.
Develop photos. Checked.
Write a long letter to Cheryl. Checked.
Organise sprees. Checked.
Pick up a new hobby (scrapbooking). Checked.
Read 3 books. Checked.
Catch up with friends. Partial check.

Y your body.

Angele -> haha, aint Picoult a wonderful writer? Her 3rd book im reading. Certainly evokes alot of emotions. =)

Melly -> let meet on thursday?? kinda free. before term starts! thegymthing, will put it off till i find time to get my arse moving. but do call me along if u intend to go k! still an amateur in scrapbooking, but wont mind showing off my works. Better pages coming up! haha, wanna work on a boardbook the moment im more confident. will tell u more abt it when we meet can do one for Shawn! (: