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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Birthday, Jasmine!

When we leave these sheltering walls..

I must have changed alot since PL days.

Might be out of duty or pride of being a prefect, i'll pick up litter along corridoors even though they dirty my hands. But now, i've become quite lazy and irresponsible, finding a bin that is. Sometimes, when u need one, and just dont see any nearby.

My dressing has changed. Back in those days, i wear whatever i think is nice. Never to worry about how others will scrutinise me. Now, i've my own style but still, semi-conscious at the way people looks at me.

Dressing to impress, for my own comfort, or keeping up with fashion.

I never use to talk back to my parents even though they like to accuse me of things which i didnt do. Now, its almost the 10th day since i last spoke to Dadee after the huge quarrel. Middlechild symdroms are surfacing.

I hardly curse or bitch back in the past. Now it just flows naturally outta my mouth when im provoked. I must be having too much issues with myself.

Whilst im busy putting pages of scrap together in the afternoon, and hooked onto The Tenth Circle, sometimes i still cannot figure out my existance in this world.

Melly -> darn. looks like our date tmr will not work out!

CJS -> heya..haha..thanks for the compliment. oh..i did write u a long later after my exams sometime back in early june! haha..will send u one more snailmail nearing ya bday (: take care meanwhile, i never blamed for u for not being able to be here with me. u shld know that. okie, we MUST stop being mushy. haha. u're missed!