MMS Friends

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Keep fit!

Gym-ed with Melly early morning.

Got ridiculously tired after 2km on threadmill (1.5 incline and 11 speed). Cycled 1km really fast, fat burner programme. Haa.

Did some weights, used most of the machines. I don't know the exact names though. =b

Fcuken tired.

But i see that the 1st 2 abs look more defined now. Wait, why am i onekilo heavier?!

Love my body (:

Shall go drown myself with fruit juice. Juic...sey!

Peichin -> thank u! grins. seeya real soon.

Angele -> haa, im sweet but not as sweet as u. heh, u cracked the code at the end of The Tenth Circle? It took me 1 frikkin' night to find the stupid alphabets. darn.

Melly -> thanks for today! haha, hope u pass driving test later. all the way!! waitin to go out in the car u drive! btw, u still want ur birks? gonna order soon.