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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Made with Love

Jenalyn's surprise party at Sentosa. Made an effort to attend even though i was having headache. Was a success and glad the birthday girl is happy. In my memory, its prolly the 2nd time at Southernmost and im still very wow-ed by that place. Nice night breeze, great company (Faith, Peichin, Weiqi, Melissa, Robbi) and fantastic night scenery. What it lacked was babyboy's pressence. O_o

Was also last day at DTC counting SingTel Hi! cards. Total of 68,000 and 57,196. Goodness gracious. Enuff to put me to bed. No more sea-of-red for the time being. Next SingTel job assignment is next Sunday at the Indonesia Embassy with Faith. It's officially the 29th time i've seen her since holidays began. *gasps!*

Went home shacked and fell into a deep sleep..

A rushed (for lack of better time management) day.

Bioskin for an hour or so, couldnt complete the entire treatment and left after mask was removed. Poor therapist, i got her all flustered. Haha. Damn the outbreak.

Rushed down to Plaza Singapura for scrapbook class with Emily sister and her pretty friend Rachel. Learnt a lil' more on how to use embellisments like hinges and work with colours. I hammered my frikkin' thumb twice while getting eyelets into my cardstock!!!!!! *whines* Must comment that the theory part bore me to death. Haha. Teacher Kelly was helpful and said i've good colour sense, i got praised twice by another student (she's a mother-to-be) in class, and the other few bosses in the shop. Haha, that made me happy and more confident. Must do more research work and get inspiration.

Though the duration of class was supposedly 3.5hours, we left only after 5hours. It was close to 7pm by the time we packed up and i havent had a single meal for the day! Haha. Totally carried away hammering and pasting and tying and matting my page, i forgot my stomach was empty. Indeed, the scrapbook page was MadewithY. *grins*

Dinner before heading down to MarinaBay with Emily sister and Yunhao for the fireworks display. Oh my goodness. Spectacular! Exploded right infront of my eyes, how amazing is that! Totally overwhelmed by how that made me feel. Really. Everybody sitting on the grass patch was wow-ed by the new and different designs in the nightsky. Applauded (to nobody or anything in particular) after the display was over. Haha. But those ugly Singaporeans left their litter all over the place, as usual. *shakes head*

Awesome Saturday! (: