MMS Friends

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


And i have busted a couple of bucks at Made with Love. Influenced by Jenalyn, now i wanna make my own scrapbook. Going for the SDU course with Faith tmr at Wheelock. Scrapbooking is my latest indulge i swear!! Totally inspired to put together a book for baybeeboy and myself. =) At least if i start now, i'll make it in time for his birthday, which is kinda our anniversary as well. Excitment!!

All those ribbons and eyelets and hatches and papers just make me wanna sit down for the next 120123718712 hours to piece everything together. Oh yeah.

Spotlight, Art Friend, Made with Love and SDU is gonna be my next shopping paradise.

Couldn't resist the lovely white dress at bYSI. Haha. Mango sold a similar one at twice/thrice the price a couple of months back. Obviously i had to alter the ridiculous length. O_o

Problem is when i'll get the chance to 'display' it. Haha.

Because of excessive shopping and the expensive scrapbooking hobby, im kinda broke. Thank goodness im paid quite well at work. So, i'll be busy saving now.

Was joking with Pauline about how vice versa is pronounced as bYSI bERSA.

Accents, haha.