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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Skin Boutique

Colin; my friend, Daddy, uncle, old man has........opened his beauty salon called Star Secrets in June.

Situated off Dhoby Ghaut at Paradiz Centre, it is very convenient to get there and every entertainment you're thinking of, is located just a few metres away. i.e. The Cathay, Kbox, Starbucks, Subway.

He owns a lab and supplies his own products. They're all made of natural ingredients such as Rice, Honey, Pineapple. Prefect natural oxident for enhancement and keeping the skin radient. With close to zero preservatives, it prevents dryness and every other zit causing factors.

If you're looking for slimming programme, Traditional Detox Theraphy (TDT) is highly recommended. The purest charcoal is used for detoxification and the experts will advice on diet.

The flyer is an exclusive for students and since you're my direct friend, i'll try and get the boss to give you a better price if you really decide to give it a shot. Sorry, im not commissioning from it as he's already VERY nice to me. The prices stated is kinda cheap already. And they're not inferior to Citispa or Bioskin or Haach because he used to work for one of them as their teacher/top consultant.

With skilled therapist and excellent services, what else are you lacking to have beautiful skin and body? =)

Please, if you need my help to get an appointment or better rate or clarify something, do call 6337 3363. (haha, thank you Esta for the reminder, but nobody will eat me up right? the worst has happened already. haa.)