MMS Friends

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stuck on Alfredo

Our temper was all over the place today for different reasons. But friends'll always be friends once it blows over. =)

Keep telling myself to stop buying clothes. Though unsuccessful today, i am determined to save up, starting tmr. O_o

SDU (wheelock) : Attended the course with Faith this evening, was refreshing! Teacher's really nice. Helped me do this and that, suggested this and that. Real nice lady! And my first 12' x 12' is still incomplete after 3hours. Gotta work hard to beautify it. Most of all, you need the effort, time, creativity and money to have a lovely outcome. Shall post up pics of what i've done in class today after i've done the final touches.

Then i'll start on a 'real' and smaller scrapbook. The course is just to get the thang going. Inspiration is needed. Trust me. Wah, can be stressful in class. Equipments're nice to play with as well! This is indeed my latest hobby. Screw the gym. Haha.

Scrapbook, i heart you!! (: