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Monday, August 14, 2006

Suck the fishes!!

Town-ed with Eliza sis and woman yesterday. Went to library@orchard. Wanted to get more reference books at Borders with the 30% cut-out-coupon but couldn't find the exact book i was looking for.

Even Topshop/Zara/Forever21/Tannlines was boring. But Pepperlunch's delicious. =)

When's our monthly meal!

Rushed down to Istana to watch ChangeOfGuards. Missed the part whereby they (Shu) march down from Heerens. The drills were carried out better this time.

Browsed through more stuff at SDU and MadewithLove. Inspired as usual. The next few pages of my scrapbook shall be even more impressive! But i need a table to hammer the metal embellisments onto the page. Bang bang bang!! Haa. I wanna go for the 7 gypies board book class next month!!! 70buckeroos. Damn.

I swear to cut down on my expenditure for this month.

Babyboy came over after dinner. That sillyboy got hooked onto Feeding Frenzy for 90mins, squealing everytime he see those cute fishes and when he puffs up into a larger fish. He likes sucking the tiny fishes into his mouth. Haha. Its funny watching him play a non-violent game. Very cute and sexy in fact. *grins* I dont like it when he plays those fighting games (with the K.O. thingy). Feels like im watchin a killer at work.

Oh're just so sweet and everything. Except when you finished my b&j's Fossil Fuel and when i saw the disgusting state of the Ripcurl bag i loaned ya. *pout*

Gonna be a long and boring week. No job assignments till Sunday at Indonesia Embassy. A great time to sit back and read The Tenth Circle, get my scrap-page done up and revise marketing notes.