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Monday, September 25, 2006

Congrats to HADY!

I'm into angels.

Gonna find books on them the minute i'm free to hit Borders/Kino.

Darn, house feels weird without a domestic helper?? Like empty and lifeless! Sobs. I miss Jacky. And the milo she makes every morning for me.

The surprise. From babylove. I casually told him i wanted him to be obese and bald so nobody will rob him away from me. Guess what he did. Curses. He fcuken shaved his head!!!!! What kinda surprise is that man! And he still dare claims it is FOR ME. Thanks, but no thanks?

Aye, love u babyboy. Haaa.

So much hwk to do. Grr...!

CJS -> u stopped replying my emails!! ur turn!! oh oh..haha, i know its a lousy picture, but i didnt want to get caught snappin pics of my eye-candy secretly! gasps!