MMS Friends

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


American Next Top 'Best Friend'. Haha..Jade from ANTM makes me laugh. However I do know of one girlfriend who's as arrogant as a peacock. I suspect its insecurity as well.

Debit and Credit.
Sonia, our lecturer's terrible too, why wont the school fire her?!
More like Damnit and Credit to me.

Went shopping with Pauline today. Bought a lovely blue dress and a brown off-shoulder tunic (Eunice recommended that place, love u so much dear!). The lady bosses gave me discount automatically. Haha, so i saved hmm...6 buckeroos. Definitely love this shopping paradise, love my loot more! Also, i added 2 new LaSenza undies to my wardrobe. Gees.

$68 gone in 3 hours. X_x

Working + Shopping = Work to Shop (haa-haa)

Meanwhile, school is indeed driving me nuts. Work ends late on Sunday, school starts early and ends late on Monday, follow by which morning classes on Tuesday. Heavyflow!!!! *whines*

And so Jacq my domestic helper is leaving in 2 weeks. I'll prolly just drop dead on the floor then. We held a farewell celebration for her last Saturday. When she's not working, she's like a friend. But she's like another person at home. -_-ll Nonetheless, i appreciate her for keeping the house clean and looking to (almost) my every needs. What am i to do w/o her. Haa. tomboy M.E. lecturer Sandra touched my bum!!! *hysterical*

Melly -> 30bucks a bit too cheap right..haha..later infection how!! Haha, but we can always check it out. I'm waitin for mines to arrive. Haa. Ohhh...i was at Farrer Park..the carpark outside Mustafa..SingTel tentage..cannot miss it for the world! =) You're turning 20!!