MMS Friends

Thursday, September 21, 2006



A nice shraw bag for $28.
1 pair of earrings for $1.
1 Rayon/Cotton tunic top for $17.
A white/silver belt for $10.

Very happy with my loot. But im thinking of getting the satin print top we saw, what do you think Liyu? =)

Indeed it was a good shopping session with Liyu babe. Helping each other out with opinions and slashing prices. Haa. Really hope you'll be happy soon. You make me worry for you pretty much!! (: No more 'thankyou's ok? Keep me updated of situation, will offer you my opinion if you want. -hugs-

Now that $56 is gone to circulate in the economy, i must work hard at work this Sunday and of course sell off more of my unwanted stuff at sgsale. Meanwhile waitin for approximate 10 online loots to arrive.

Totally addicted to TWIRL cadbury chocolate. Am pretty sure they changed the name from FLAKE to TWIRL cause i cannot find it in the market anymore. Yummy!!

Naz & Duckied -> the 2 of you..trying to flood my comment board ar!! hahahahahaha...but i still needa say this: naz love me the most!!! =b hahaha, look at my blog post title. haha. delicated to you naz! duckied...sentosa soon?? haha. so busy..sigh.