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Saturday, September 16, 2006


My top from Taiwan came. Finally after 1.5months. Totally impressed with the material. I mean for $16, i was expecting lousy and flimsy kinda cloth. But this one from CutieFashion is wow, hardy and comfy! Plus, they've silk ribbons! I dig that! (:

Went to look for a maid at agency with Mummy. Jacq leaving in a couple of days. It's really like picking fresh veggies in the wet market. You've my word, esp with Mum's kinda character. She wanted one who's sheng1_xiao4 won't clash with hers. Haha. And she didnt want a domestic helper who's married or one that dresses too sexily in the biodata photo. O_o I mean i can understand. But i can't help feeling sorry for whoever gonna work for us. She'll've to tolerate my Mum's strictness and temper.

Chinatown is a good place to shop. Next destination. And eat. *tina-the-talking-tummy*

Who wants to date me.

Friday after facial, Pauline and I went specially to Citylink's M)phosis. Crystal gave me 20% staff discount (thankyou so much babe!!!) for the tunic top i like!! Had wanted to get more...but couldn't decide and Pauline seems damn stoned at my indecisiveness. Haha. Sorry girl. Darn, police was everywhere. And none's cute. Haha, slap me.

2 days after haircut. Feels..normal.

STRESSED. So much notes on my table waiting to be read. And those tutorials..never ending. Whines.

Babyboy is finally back from JB after 3 days. Nearly wanted to murder him for leaving his phone at home. Grrr....!!

Naz -> it was on impulse. felt like i needa to rid the 5" at that moment. Sobs, now my ponytail is like no tail. Haha. It'll take another 2 years before you see me in LONG LONG hair. High-maintainance!! But it'll be nice to have soft curls..but also, hard to maintain! i'll look like a lion when i wake up. HAHAHA. you disappeared!!!!!!!! come back to mama draco!!

Melly -> my hair sucks really..haha..its the same style..except shorter! dunno to be happy or sad? Please lets just go out..haha..chinatown, bugis...wherever!!