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Monday, September 18, 2006

So much hwk :(

Madly in love. In love with this GARCON dress. Obsession. Post pics up soon.

Babylove came over at yester-mignight. Was cuddling in bed when he exclaimed i smelt good for once. I was like....what?! FOR ONCE?! Then he said at least my hair don't smell burnt like it always use too. O_o


When you dont smell as good as a baby, i dont say you stink right? Oh wait, i guess i do. Haha. But whatever. =b

Back to being dress-obsessed. I think i should get it when pay comes in next month. $304 is not alot but at least its enuff for one gorgeous dress. I dig dresses!! (:

Hmm..found out the name of my vietnam eye-candy. Same age as me. Grins. I better stop being crazy. Hurhs.

Melly -> can't do thursday for this week since im already going out on wednesday. gotta study. sobs. next week!! haha. buy it lar...its so pretty right!! (: am sure it'll look great on u too!

Naz -> hahahahahahaahah. i miss u mah. always disappear to dunno where. sigh, i know 5" is like a lot. im already regretting it. =( but mau likes it short!! and i think i look exactly like those 1st 3 months period: no hair still wanna tie into ponytail. hahaha..more like draco-tail?? no..rabbit tail. hahaha..catch up soon can??

Zihui -> hee. thanks for the compliment on my taste. wahahaha. oh man, lecturer loves me. i dont mind a rendevous. =p is that how u spell it? lazy to check. heh. im gonna mug as hard as u. meet up after ur promos k! -hugs-

Liyu -> hun, maybe zouk is not a good idea on wed. we'll see k. but definitely we needa talk and shop. -hugs- please be up and about so worried for you..hang on okie??