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Friday, September 22, 2006

Wind Blew my Skirt Up

Jacky left. Woke up at 520am and got to the airport by 615am. Went for breakfast after she checked in. 720am she walked into departure gates.

Mixed emotions. Kinda miss her. Its been 2 frikkin years and as much as i find her irritating sometimes, i think i see her as a family member very much.

And so another maid as left my family. Haha. Think we had a dozen since the day i was born.

Now, i've to learn how to be independent till a new one comes and help out with the household chores.

I feel handicapped. O_o I wanna cry..over dunno what!!


Normally when i put on something new (clothes, bags, etc.) to school or wherever, my friends will ask where i get those loot from. Because it is pretty of course! But it feels weird..i dunno why..everything feels weird today.


Babyboy's sick. And he told me today he's got a surprise for me on Sunday. I'm actually scared of receiving that surprise, whatever it may be. Haa. O_o


My wardrobe is bursting with tunics. Should stop gushing over them. Eh! Not really, just counted. I only have 3!! Everytime i wanna buy something, i tell myself i've to sell something off. Like how +1 and -1 becomes 0.


Feeling very random. I wanna study hard but i dunno why're there so many distractions around me.


Time wasted at Star Secrets again. Should've just gotten my facial done and leave. Instead of crapping (not really enjoying the crapping shallow..) with them for sometime and left only after 3hours. But still, am thankful for free facial, manicure, brows-maintainance, and everything everything everything. Haha. I love Colin, June, Nette and Viz!