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Monday, October 02, 2006

Boyfriend's Bald!

Babyboy came over at 1235am last night. Gets earlier every week. O_o I just love being in your arms, hugging onto you tight, exchanging iloveyou's. Thankyou for the rose..for thinking of me when you passed by the florist. You can be so sweet sometimes. And im sorry for the temper last week. Its weird how my anger disappears the moment you appear at my doorstep. Magic of love. Haa.

But i really Y you, muchly (:

Caught up with Jenn last Friday at gardens. My fav tauhui at Chomps. I must admit it was crazy requesting for channel8 at HappyDaze. Haha. Next month again again!!

Last Thursday & Saturday was town with Woman. Checked out Bishan Library too, Melly tagged along. Awesome place. I love new/clean books please!

Just closed 3 American Eagle sprees. Easy Breezy. Though I dread the calculations part when the items arrive at my place.

School is tiring me out. Whines.

Faith -> send u when u're online (:

Jas -> hahaha, never curse your piggy!!! but my hamster is so fat he cannot fit into the threadmill already. he still squeezes himself in though. hahaha.

Naz/Duckied -> hmm......i think your fav food is LAME chop, nana. hahahaha.

Zihui -> yea, totally into dresses. but since then i've lost the drive to shop after plenty of vigorous shopping sprees last month. haha. always nice bumping into you at kovan. study hard then can relax after promos ok! take care babe. you're missed!