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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Coughing fit

And so, after 18 days, i finally went shopping with lil' sister!

Busted $126.05:
  • Zara TRF brown sweater
  • Zara puff-sleeves pink top
  • La Senza bra
  • Tannlines banteau bikini top
  • Alteration of clothes
  • Macdonalds

Holy cow. I feel so fcuken good!

When you carry many many paperbags, the salesgirl will treat you better. Proven with a 'sha-seal'. And yes, i like the treatment!

Babylove's bday is like 1 month away but i've already bought him his present from American Eagle. Hope he fits well into them. Not so much of whether he likes the top and bottom because i trust my taste. Haa.

But right now, im having an sms-coldwar with him. Rahness.

That aside, kinda surprised to see my senior Weisi today. Its been almost 7 years since i last saw her? Incredible.

Jas -> woah. what about the regulars? like diana and all the bar captains? renee still there ar? turnover's rather high, kinda expected. haha.