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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Birthday, Lilibeth!

Huge irony O_o

Mummy bought n73 for me as Christmas present. But im gonna give her $100 back (: since my pay is coming in 2 days! Whoopers!

Thankyou mummy, i love you! you're so nice to me! haa. I mean you've always been nice but its not really you to let me indulge in something so expensive (:

Now we've this HP photosmart printer that came along with the 3G purchase. Clueless what to do with it since we hardly develop pics.

But yeah, bubye to my 6170 (which drowned in the toiletbowl) and hello to my new baby n73!

Zihui -> mushy. hahahaha. yes, seeya real soon. Pick a date from 11-17th dec for our date!! (:

Melly -> shop shop shop. shit man, remind me to stop buying dresses can?? cannot resist the temptation lah. and heartland mall's selling that zara-fareast-yellow-dress!! everywhere has it, maybe i shld give it a miss. but i saw this simple black dress from thisfashion, might get it! (: lets just go out after my exams k!! i love shopping with u girls!! next place to go is textile hunting at chinatown and arab street! =b