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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Movie kinda love

And thats the school i came from, PLMGS, 95% completed, indeed its Look Up, Lift Up. Haha, upskirts on the glass panel staircases, nuns will be running all over the school in 2007. We'll be back to bully the stgabboys! Haa.

Towned on thursday with lil' sister. Got my kimono sleeves top finally. Before that was free drinks at Starbucks with any amount of donation. I got my caramel frap in 5mins! That was pretty quick actually. Then hung around Ben&Jerry's while my sister chatted with her colleagues over the counter. We atecup-after-cups of ice-cream (on the house), practically had ice-cream for dinner! O_o

Okie, so we saw that project superstar guy, im not good with chinese names unless its as common as da_ming or xiao_hua. And we saw the gorgeous babe Priscilla on channel8. Something to go gaa-gaa with for 5mins. Haa.

Dental checkup at NDC yesterday. Why's my dentist so fcuking cute!!! Args. Can't decide on the prophylaxis treatment/surgery lar. Wait till 21 then say. Hmm.

Met babyboy after school, had a good lunch. He fed me when he caught me struggling with the chopsticks. Sweet (: And he fed me this puny sausage which looked like dates to me. O_o Most importantly, he wore the berms i bought for him, so cute in baggy bottoms!

Had an expensive chinese alacart dinner buffet at Noble House yesterevening. Food, ambience and service was worth more than just praises (: Thanks for standing treat Emily sis!

That's our individual buddha jump over the wall. Except i ate the chiken and mushroom only. Shark's fin, sea cucumber, fungus, abalone was kinda..dumped away. Wasteful eh, but i really dont like those stuff that made the soup so yummy. My sister said my buddha-me jumped over everything. Hahaa. The pigeon soup was the best (:
Me infront of the restaurant before food was served. A wedding was going on, cute beng-ish groom. Oh yes, my Godbro has proposed to his gf recently and they're getting married on the 20th Oct 2007!!!!! Congrats godbro! (:
Mum and Dadee (:

Crazy lil' sister with the huge bubble glass. Haa.

That'll be for all now. More pics next time! (: Incredibly long post.