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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

woman's 20th birthday!

My favourite picture of the evening, reney looks so photoshopped there! and the transparent passerbys, cute boy looking at reney. haha. pretty reney. whoopers!
reney with birthday woman (:

Dinner at The Village on Monday night with the birthday woman chris, tirene, luke, edward, shu, amy and wanyi (did i get the name right?). haha. rushed shopping for woman's present but yeah, me & tirene got him matching presents! pretty pretty!
Really fun catching up with everyone on the table. as usual, nobody bothered singing the birthday song except the enthu reney and myself (1st 2 lines only). Haha.
Last gathering was Krispy Kreme gathering outside Macdonalds for supper. not everyone was present so..this gathering can be considered a success (:
Don't feel too good about this examination. =/ a sign for me to work harder and play lesser.
My hp is 3 days old!! Haa. I still find it very complicated so...i'll've to read the manual later after lunch with Faith.
Mummy didnt work yesterday, tagged along with her to the doctor's. Prescribed me some 'heart' tablets to reduced the pulsation of my heart or something like that. Anxiety problems. Just that my heartbeat is getting on my nerves. Oh, mummy bought me a nice black dress too! V in front and behind, exactly what i was looking for! Okok, i must stop this dress-obsessed thingy. Melly's right, i hardly even wear it, or get the chance to. Haa.
American Eagle parcels arrived yesterday. Spent almost 3 hours sorting and wrapping everything up. So much work. But at least i've 8 new pieces of clothings to wear now! (: One more parcel'll be arriving next week. Then im gonna take a huge break from organising sprees.
Dine -> babeeee!!! (: gotta remind me to stop shopping lar. you're bad influence. hahaha. *grins* which hp're you getting?
Melly -> Haha...i so agree with please stop me from buying things. haha, currently very broke and jobless. lazy to apply for ducktours. haha. shld just catch up with my school work. oh...saturday's coming!! soul lovin'!!!!!!! (: