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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dirtyboy no more

I'm seriously ok about the breakup.

I'm coping well in other words.

I'm not whining or sucidal like how we used to makeup and breakup.

When the relationship is going nowhere, its kinda natural to breakup.

Besides, im pretty sure most of you're happy im no longer with him.

He was still calling me 'baby' yesterday and claimed that he's too used to it. C'on, if only you were used to dedicating some time for us.

And stop saying 'my girlfriend dont love me anymore' because who's the one who found it hard to commit.

DARNIT. its karma. fuckingshit.

Maurice, I do love you alot. Alot alot alot. But its all over. Period.

My lips're thinning like the ozone layer. Maybe because it hasnt been Mau-sturised for some time. Haa, i really like this joke.

Shopping and dinner (the usual nicole and paris girls outing) with Melly yesternight. I heart this girl lar. Haha, she's becoming like me. No more shopping for you babe! =b

This girlfriend of mines is being anal about me havin a rendition of her user account. Don't talk to me about plagarising or using my own words. I fcukcare it. Its not like you've a patent. You make me sound too powerful, like i've just un-special you or smth. Gees. You're just 'too mature' for me! I dontve the time like you to bitch about it to your other friends. Who cares if you're dropdeadgorgeous!

I crashed SIM marketing lecture yesterday with Pauline. And then we got caught because someone told the lecturer and the manager/securityuncle took down our names. Thats x10 suay please!! But they were nice to us lar. We acted real sorry. Haa. But anyways, thanks for having me over Xiangjing! (:

Yes, im taking a long holiday from relationships. They've failed me from time to time.

Melly -> dine didnt make it. haha. the usuals.

Duckied -> well, i believe thats what God wants me to do (: catchup soon, hope to see ya at surf&sweat!