MMS Friends

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


My hands're freezing.
Sun's glaring.
I'm in my flannel.

It was DFS Galleria shopping with Tirene last Sunday. A whooping 25% off everything! Thanks to her Aunt of course. Monogram Vernis is todiefor! Now im REDwithenvy. Haa.

Went parfum hunting with Pauline yesterday. Got my LovePassport! Wanted CKbe and EscadaMagneticBeat. But decided not to buy it just yet. Mum's right, its my 7th bottle already.

Boobs hurt. Cycle might be coming. Surf&Surf aint gonna be fun if im gonna be dripping blood that day. O_o

Lil' sister's 18th birthday this coming Saturday. Havent figure out a gift for her. And she just told us that a guy (her senior) asked her out on Vday. He's pretty good-looking actually! (: Decent enough lar. She hasnt replied though. How cute. Haa.

Angele -> hahahaha. actually its a waste of money doing manicure and pedicure. just for the fun of it. but i actually feel cleaner. Haa.

Dine -> of course im fine. Haa. yup, seeya the next time so i pass u your dress! (:

Melly -> seeya tmr. Cant wait to eat my chikin (: