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Saturday, January 13, 2007


I fucking hate the toufu factory and all my paternal relatives. They're fucking money-minded and fucking wicked. I fucking hope the company will close down. Or else get Dadee to transfer ownership to me and i'll fucking fire every single one of them. Money's evil.

1) grandma shld stop using the money to perm her hair and implant more gold teeth because no matter what she do, her breathe smells like hell.
2) why cant they bring up the accounts book. fuckitman. where does the money go to? read point 1).
3) everyone of them is eyeing on the assets. but none of them deserves it.
4) there's no such thing as fairness in the household. just because u live with grandma in the fucking huge house doesnt mean u get to get more bonus and wear more gold around your neck.
5) i fucking hope the house burn down! its under Dadee's name yet our room has evolved to a storeroom. yes, they fucking left ONE room for my family, family of FIVE.
6) its the worst family i've ever seen. I hope they fight till Grandma dies. She's been evil to all of us anyway. even to Dadee!
7) since the company's under Dadee's name only, Dadee shld be calling shots. No. Hell no. Grandma cut his pay 2 years back. Bonus has decreased even though the company is doing alright.
8) fuckshitman. im pissed.
9) why cant Dadee go hire a lawyer and bring his foot down on this neverending issue!
10) no money still wanna invest in this and that. now i wanna see how they die.

Grandpa did the right thing by putting Dadee's name to the company. And i've got to protect the interest of my family. fuckcareaboutthatgrandma. Dadee, i support you!