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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy Birthday, Lay Leng!

Went shopping with Mummy after breakfast (she bought me a new oriental-designed tubetop, how nice!).
Found many many suppliers too.
Good ones of course.
And they're selling at a much lower price as compared to FEP and Bugis Street.

Now i know where those _spreee organisers get the New Future Jeans suppliers from and many others. Heh.

Darn, 1 exam unit cost $505. I'm feeling sucidal on this very sunny sunday.

Duckied: Staff Services is real good. they offer me SingTel jobs very regularly and im paid $8/hour (: but u need to know how to use the programme! Maybe i'll introduce u to my agent some day! will u be gg to sentosa for Surf&Sweat on feb 4th?? I'll be there!! (: