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Friday, February 16, 2007

Last Minute

Zara Skinny Jeans! Boy i want you!!
The babe who was topless, eating ice-cream at McDonalds. Haa.
Amber tried to perm her hair under the heated light. Apparently, shes a nutcase. Ha.
Love reflections (:
Suspenders boopers! Is my green Adidas Supergirl jacket nice?
Us at Zara again. I want skinniess!!

Thank you for the surprise visit (: Happy vday.

Shopping with Amber today after tuition. I nearly walked out of tuition because the primary2 boy was driving me up the wall. Grr...!

Towned. Bummed into Marcus the squirter who's in 'YOUR DADDY' teeshirt. Cute but wrong signal lar brother!! Haa.

Amber managed to get her white shorts after trying 10 pairs from 3 different shops and yes, i got my huge bag from FEP after considering for sometime. $49.90 gone. Plus i just invested $68 in a brand new Adidas jacket for school. Boohoohoo. Hard earned money gone! But it was worth it! Cause i havent gone shopping for 2 weeks! Okie lar, i do online shopping everyday but I do save up lor.

Dinner at Han's. Amber totally grossed me out with that 'Han's-auntie-picked-her-nose' story. She didnt finish her food either. Haha. She was busy laughin at everything i say! Gees. And she was practically handicapped by her shoes today we had to stroll along the entire orchard. O_o Blah. Givewaygiveway!!

Bursting wardrobe. Pretty clothes but im forever wearin' the same stuff.

Simple Life 3 was hilarious yesternight. The way Paris blew the roaches outta the house, i would have done the same :b

If i've 1 wish, i'll ask for a complete set of new skin (: