MMS Friends

Monday, February 05, 2007


FEP-ed with Melly and Dine last weekend.

Attempted to go home for my 9pm show but was held captive by these 2 gorgeous. *grins*
Attempted taking pictures while crossing the road. None turned out well. Haa.
Attempted to shop but nothing's worth buying.

Dine spent 45mins at Hula&Co trying almost everything on the rack. As for Melly, she cracked her brains deciding whether to purchase a vintage dress. Haa. I watched in amusement. =b
Oh thank goodness my baby T from Aeropostale and my puff sleeves top from WetSeal arrived today. New clothes! =)

Wait, i still do have tons to update. I'll be back!

Naz -> what did u do to your crowning glory??? hahaha. chopped it?

Zihui -> hellos! i received it already. thanks! hope u're well babe (:

Dine -> gees, i look fugly. haa. seeya tmr! dont mia k!