MMS Friends

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Faith! How's kiwiland? (:

And thats Peichin & myself, another lovely day at Cafe Del Mar (:

Chilling out, sleeping, taking walks by the beach.

Shopping at Vivocity too. Its irresistable please.

I'm beginning to feel that Pull and Bear is a cheaper alternative of Zara and Forever21 in some ways. Very Streetwear like S&K. Their golden silkish romper is so pretty i almost got it. But $59.90?

Args, i needa new watch. The current one keeps slowing down!!

Luke's 21st dinner later. Dress code's BLACK. awesome! i wanna see the look on his face later! Maybe we shld have worn RED to compliment his soot-like-appearance *grins*

Yes, im feeling better liao. After ranting.

Duckied & Peichin -> thanks for encouraging me. Helps a lot (: