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Monday, March 19, 2007

S.O.S. [depression]

Supper at Din Tai Fung. Mom's treat (:

I'm hardly upset. But i am today, right now.

Friendship vs Business partnership.
Money (why people keep owing me money). i hate seeing the amt in my bank drop like a bomb. Yet i keep indulging in sprees last 2 weeks.
My attitude, rudeness, my everything.

I hate the way i am.

I dont wanna admit i suffer from mild depression now and then.

Feeling so fcuked up, so depressed and desperate for a good and long holiday.

I dont want to go for examinations.

Was rude to parents and sisters.
Hung up my sisters' calls.
Didnt say nice stuff to my sister when i heard she failed driving the 2nd time.

I wanna apologise. But it takes alot..

Beginning to hate my command of English.


I need an outlet but i dunno when i can find time to let it out. All out.

My poor FK had to tolerate with all those nonsense. But I dont know i just dont know. Give me some time. I might sort things out afterall. If my mind allows.

Sigh..Can i let my emotions flow freely? Sometimes i wish i can lock up my blog for good.

Moving to LJ one sunny bunny day.

Im so busy!! =( How. Help.

Liyu, I love you. Thanks for letting me rant out on you.

And to Woman, thanks thanks thanks. Love you too.

That's why i can't do without friends in life. Im at my wits end. Small problems = huge today.

Where're the stars tonight. Count with me?