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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Play "catching"

Normally, i'll grin from ear-to-ear once exams're over. cant bring myself to this time. managerial econs was a killer. KILLER.

So anyways, pardon for the lack of updates.

3 months. That seems incredibly long. Gotta find a job. A right job. Singtel again i suppose. They pay me well.

Dinner at Hong Kong Cafe with woman earlier. We ordered Mango Snow Ice for desert. And then i ended up sucking the juice from the ice and spitting out the juiceless ice from my mouth.
And he stupidly just loads himself with "ice" cause i said we must must must finish the dish. Haha.


I hope nobody saw me doing that.
I've tons of things to do this holidays. First and foremost, reply Cheryl's long-overdued letter and then start on Faith's present (:
Peichin -> seeya on monday!! (: we've a project on hand. HAHA. pass your driving test k!
Naz -> dont really like samsonite. i've a thing for chests and old luggage. hee. seeya on sunday!
Duckied -> oh wells, good things must wait! Haha. i've got other designs, took a couple of cardigans from the supplier, selling well (: tanning on sunday!! gonna slap in lots of sunblock. Haa.
Zihui -> find a date this june for a quick meal and perhaps some catching up ya! miss you too dear, hope school's been well (: