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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Red Lobster

the bridge broke?!

mr muscle man

CafeDelMar, Me, Peichin -> sunkissed by 2pm.
Woman joined us after, Skyride & Luge was amazing (:
Superdog; i love the friess.
MNG sales, only for VIPs. Apparently we're commoners so..
Got my lbd from lasenza. 50% off is a lot! Considering the good material and worksmanship, it was a value-for-money buy.
Pull & Bear sales; got a basic black crew neck top and this gorgeous white top. SALES on 90% of their apparels!!! We all love Pull & Bear (:
Ladies night, but no zouking today. I've gotta finish Season 2&3 of THE OC.
Chris -> will blog on that after i settle the admin part, no rush anyways (: *gucci gucci gucci*