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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Signed, Sealed, Delievered

Supre parcel arrived!! (: Got my working attire. Haha, cost AUS50. But its pretty and classy.
Woman came over in the afternoon for violin elementary lesson. Doing well for the 1st lesson i would say (: Except my G string is even more out of tune now *sobs*
Met up with lil sister for scrapbook class at MadeWithLove. Teacher Angelina was awesome, gave us all the attention we needed. And yes, i got my 6 cards (made with love) after 3 hours (: I wanna make more but it was 9pm already..
So peepz, enjoy my works (:
Naz -> haha, im real fair now you know :P
Melly -> me and dine's gonna go for some stripxxxx session then seeya for dinner and shopping k! thursday is gonna be fun!! oh yes, esther asked me to send u girls some love too! xoxoxo (: